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Rave Musik
If you're going to spew, spew into this. Does the death of germany's ultimate rave mean techno music has run its course?
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Pussy Zapper
Guys, I have to tell you, after my horsewhip whore I'm more and more into zapping.
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Nuts In Da Ass
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Mrs Hands
Some friends watching the Morning Glory Liveshow's personal favourite, Mrs hands. Don't watch it.. seriously...
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Fucking Xmas
Merry Fucking Christmas! Aw man, I almost forgot about my very favorite Xmas song.
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Fucking Impossible
Calling someone a "fucking fat fatty fuck" isn't tautological in a flame war, but when their gravitational pull attracts them, it's impossible to get them fucked.
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Fish Blow
Don't play me like a fool, Cuz that ain't cool. Now what you need to do is... Somethin's goin' on, Can I smell your dick?
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Fast Forward Blowjobs
My boyfriend knows about my commitment to abstain from sex until he discovered this video. Fast forward deep throat action.
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Danish Handshake
Never shake hands with a Danish guy. When the muscles and ligaments that hold the transverse colon in its place weakens, a prolapsed colon develops.
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Canadian Tea Party
If only the American tea parties were as fun as our northern brethern.
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BME Pain Olympics 2
Patrons of the BME website and its IAM community have often gathered for barbecues where they can meet with one another. Historically, the largest of these BBQs, known as BMEFest, were held in or around Toronto.
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Banana Cannon
Go fuck your mother then shit bananas on her chest.
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Ass Zoom
Mr. President, We Ride the Tunnel of Love! Endless ass tunnel loop.
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Ass Tulip
Ass Tulip is a slang term used to refer to a condition where the rectum is pulled during anal sex due to a variety of factors including insufficient lubrication and a larger than average diameter penis.
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2 Girls 1 Disco
Sexy Chicks Dancing. These babes knows how to move to the groove!
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